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To use my liturgy in an ordinary worship service: credit Avery Smith and include a link to this website, please. And I certainly welcome an email from you letting me know how a piece was used!

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Intercessory prayer to the God who flips tables

Dear friends, please join me in raising all our prayers —all our joys and griefs, gratitudes and longings — to the God who helps us discernwhen to hold fast and when to let go,which tables to fixand which ones to flip. As one, we pray: For those who engage in the long and thankless laborof […]

Intercessions: for those desperate to be named, known, loved

My siblings in Jesus who earnestly asked his friends, “Who do you say that I am?”, I invite you to pray with me for all those made in this God’s image who are desperate to be known, to be named, to be respected and remembered. Let us pray: For the Black lives stomped out by […]

Crucifixion poem: “your death was nothing special”

your death wasnothing special it was the deathof uncounted criminalsconvicted under Roman law in fact, two others died with youon that same hill, on that same dayin that same way: bloody suffocation on a cross so if you had lived today your deathwould have been likewise ordinaryand likewise brutal: exploded veins in the electric chairafter […]

Lent births herself this year – Pandemic 2021

Lent births herself this year, no midwife bravingthe cold to come to her and coax her out with strong sure handsinto a thankless world. Lent crackles like a sheet of ice this yearcreaking underfoot her timeless chantmemento moriremember the sudden plunge the icy fist that grasps the lungsto beings sick to death of that same […]

the pillar of salt contemplates the stars

           i. i will not worshipmy husband’s god – not nowi’ve witnessed how he acts in wrath: how he burns children and cornered women with the menwho long tormented them and scorches tortured earth and bodiesthat maybe could have bloomed againif given time and proper nourishment.             ii. anyone who dares to preach to meon necessary […]

Poem: at that banquet

there will be strawsat that banquet and all the bread will be gluten free and no one will go away hungry becausethere was no food that fit their dietary needs and the table will be high enoughfor wheelchairs to slide easily beneath it and no one will gawk at those of uswho have trouble sitting […]

Liturgy for Christmastide – God of the manger, God of the stranger

OPENING PRAYER Immanuel, God with us!  You are indeed with all of us, wherever we areacross the many miles, under our assorted roofs. In the birth that we celebrate this Christmas season, You stripped off omnipotence,burst through the border between Creator and Creationto curl Your infinity into a finite form,a frail, physical, form — an […]

Communion Meditation for Christmastide – Jesus of the House of Bread

Two thousand years ago,  Divinity entered the world in the form of an infant born in Bethlehem — a town whose name means “House of Bread”!He was swaddled by parents poor in the eyes of the world, but rich in love,and laid in a manger — a food trough for cattle! Thus it is that from […]

poem: God’s Revolution

if you are content nowyou will be devastated then for when the world is flipped upside-downall your riches will go spilling into space. a voice cries out in the wildernesscries out: prepare the way! prepare –for what? for peace? perhaps, eventually but first a revolution – woe to you(to us) who sit too comfortably! for […]

God’s vastness, fearsome and comforting

When I sit with God in quiet moments, I feelso small. Sometimes, this is a beautiful thing:I become a little child in the lap of their mother,I become a baby chick under the soft, warm wings of their mother hen;I feel safe, and comforted, and loved. But other times God’s vastness in the face of […]

Advent: a time to embrace the Divine in us

“Dust, remember, thou art Splendor!” – Sister Macrina Wiederkehr in A Tree Full of Angels If Lent is a time to admit to our Dust – the death that awaits us, the sin that permeates our cells, our littleness and our frailness and our need – perhaps Advent can be a time to embrace our […]

Reflection: Advent is the Time of Mary

Advent is the Time of Mary: The time for us to take notice of one whom this world deliberately ignores – a woman of color, a poor woman, a teen mom, a refugee. Was Mary meek and mild? Not if those words are about unquestioning submission, fearful passivity. Only if those words are about inner […]

Advent reflection: “Virgin” Mary, Teen Mom

Mary, teen mom, in those uncertain days between your jubilant “Yes!” to God seeking shelter in you and Joseph’s “yes” to marrying you despite your indiscretion (daring to get knocked up out of wedlock! Did childhood friends desert you? Did your father weep in shame?) would you have laughed, disbelieving, if informed that the primary […]


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