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This page holds all my available liturgy and poetry!
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To use my liturgy in an ordinary worship service: credit Avery Smith and include a link to this website, please. And I certainly welcome an email from you letting me know how a piece was used!

To use one of my poems, or to use my liturgy in a more official/published manner, please request my permission first by emailing

Confession & Pardon: Learning to Face Hard Truths with the Prophet Amos

Call to Confession God sent the prophet Amos to Israelto warn the rich and powerfulthat the natural consequence of their mistreatment of the vulnerable would be destruction for all. In many ways, the modern United States is not unlike that ancient nation — A land of plenty only for the powerful few,while the oppressed go hungry and […]

Call to Worship (drawing from Micah 6:8)

We gather to worshipthe God who calls us to do justice. God, here we are!All glory belongs to you. We gather to worshipthe God who calls us to cherish kindness. God, here we are!From you all good things come. We gather to worshipthe God who calls us to journey humblyside-by-side with Them. God, here we […]

Pastoral Prayer for Immigration Sunday: praying for all who know the heart of the stranger

Our God is the Ultimate Other;Xe knows firsthand what it is to be the one who does not fit,whose ways are not “our ways”and whose thoughts are not “our thoughts.” Thus trusting in Her steadfast solidarity,let us lift up our prayers for all those who know the heart of the stranger. We pray for Indigenous peoples across […]

Liturgy for a service exploring God’s place in our suffering

Leader: We gather here and now,  All: separated in spaceand joined in one Body, fractured by discord and united by love, to worship God,to open ourselves to God’s voice,to grow towards God’s will together. Come, let us worship God! Opening Prayer O high eternal Divinity,You who are bothUnknowable, Other, utterly Beyond all sense and space […]

poem: whippoorwill blessing

if i follow the call of the whippoorwillout from our burrow of blankets and slow breathing over and into the shirtshrugged over sleepy shoulders downstairs to the kettle snoring steamfor the tea steeping in its yawning mug out, out! past the screen dooranointed in moth-kissesinto a slowly waking world will a blessing be out there, […]

Responding to God’s Word: God’s binary-breaking chosen family

Leader: As one, let us affirm some aspects ofthe faith that binds us into one family. All: We believe in a Godwho made all of us in Their imageand proclaimed every member of Their creationGood. We believe that Xe extends a special care towards thosewhom the world calls “broken,”“worthless,” “unclean” — and that Xe calls […]

Liturgy for the Ascension: joining the Cloud of Witnesses

Call to Worship  Christ is risen! Alleluia!Alleluia! Christ is risen indeed! Christ is risen! Alleluia!Alleluia! Christ is risen indeed! Christ is risen! Alleluia!Alleluia! Christ is risen indeed! Opening Prayer God in whose image we all are made,God who pervades all time and space,when you died and rose again you drew all people to yourself. We in […]

Pentecost Liturgy: Spirit of breath & flame, howling gale & still small voice

Call to Worship  Christ is risen! Alleluia!Alleluia! Christ is risen indeed! We are a resurrected people! Alleluia!Alleluia! We are raised up into new life! The Spirit of God is upon us! Alleluia!Alleluia! God’s Spirit dwells among us, within us, around us, always! Opening Prayer Holy Spirit of breath and flame,howling gale and still small voice, […]

Confession: our siblings and God’s world are suffocating

Call to Confession We have come to worship the Holy Spirit who whirls around us as wind, as breath, as the air in our lungs, But so many of our siblings find the breath of life squeezed from their lungs;and God’s good creation is suffocating. Only in acknowledging our complicitycan we join in God’s restorative […]


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