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Jesus Flipping Tables: Unpacking antisemitic readings of the “Temple Cleansing”

Lent is one time of year we talk about Jesus marching into the Court of Gentiles, sitting down and braiding a whip, and proceeding to wreak havoc upon money-changers’ tables and sacrificial animal cages. It’s a weird, fascinating, fun story (that you can read in Matthew 21, Mark 11, Luke 19, and John 2)! Progressive […]

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Revisiting Nativity: Jesus bursts in

we are more comfortable when you are tuckedinto your designated corner — butyou were never one to stay put where you’re told. from birth, you have been boldabout breaking right into the thick of things — pinpointing the pulse of human happeningsand blaring through with news of God’s Kin-dom, come. … into the cliffsides outside […]

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Acts 8 & John 15 Liturgy: eunuchs, intersex & trans persons, & all outcasts welcome in God’s expansive love

Call to Worship Beloved community, let us draw the circle wide!And draw it wider still. Each of us is here because something draws us to the Divineas expressed in the Person of Jesus.We come to explore what it is that draws us here,in community with neighbors who can teach us what it is that draws them […]

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Jesus of the Wounds: Call to worship and benediction for the Second Sunday of Easter

CALL TO WORSHIP Today we continue our celebration of the Resurrection.Today, we worship Jesus of the Scars. Today, we reach out to touch his side – by reaching out to those who are struggling around us.  We come with our own small victories.We come with our own wounds – some scarred over,some still bruising.We come, […]

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Ascension liturgy (Acts 1, Luke 24, Jesus’s wounds)

Call to Worship: Here we are, gathered in many spaces but in One Body.Here we are, ready to worship God, ready to be transformed. Today we remember Jesus’s ascension,a rising up of human flesh to mingle with the Divine. We praise the one who died and rose,who lifts us all – body and spirit – […]

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Affirmation of Faith: Queer God who came out to Moses…& other biblical coming out stories

The love of our queer Godunites us into one Body —not in spite of, but in celebration ofour varied gifts and roles inthe story God is telling even now. As one, let us affirm some of what we believeabout the God who is for uswhen we are in the closet, and when we come out,when […]

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Affirmation of Faith in the Wounded God who calls us Good

We worship a Mystery, a Being too vast to capture in words,who reveals Godself to each of us in different ways. While making room for different understandings,let us affirm the faith that draws us together: We believe in the God whose Word birthed the cosmos, Who shaped human beings from the rich topsoil,breathed Her own […]

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Mary’s in-laws

the in-laws you acquaint yourself with firstupon arrival in your husband’s homeare in-laws hen and cow. as other travelers recline upstairson the best of this household’s cushions, you make dowith straw that in-law goat keeps trying tosnatch out from under you. you hardly mind: these relatives are warm.their smell obscures your smell — the sweat […]

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Nativity Beads: a poem & an essay exploring alternative interpretations of the Luke 2 story

As I prayed through different versions of the Nativity story, with all their contradictions — a painless Mary versus a groaning Mary; Mary alone or Mary with midwives; Mary dismissed to the outskirts or settled in the heart of a Bethlehemite home — they all found their place, side-by-side, along that line of beads. In spending time with each story, the sense of contradiction as conflict faded away.

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Pastoral Prayer for Immigration Sunday: praying for all who know the heart of the stranger

Our God is the Ultimate Other;Xe knows firsthand what it is to be the one who does not fit,whose ways are not “our ways”and whose thoughts are not “our thoughts.” Thus trusting in Her steadfast solidarity,let us lift up our prayers for all those who know the heart of the stranger. We pray for Indigenous peoples across […]