Affirming. Challenging. Inclusive. Expansive.

Hey there, I’m Avery (they/them), and this is where I’ll be compiling the liturgy and worship materials I’ve written over the years. That includes poems that I’ve written – if you want to use one of those in your own worship service, contact me!

My liturgy is LGBTQA+/queer affirming and frequently borrows from various branches of liberation theology; it also employs inclusive language for people and expansive language for God. That means that I include nonbinary persons in my language (e.g. no use of “brothers and sisters” without also including “siblings”), and often acknowledge the communities-within-our-communities that are most marginalized, from BIPOC to disabled persons. It also means that I like to spice up what pronouns and imagery I use for God!

Please let me know if you find anything in my writing here that fails to live up to those goals of affirmation, inclusiveness, and expansion. And if there’s anything I need to be doing to make this site more accessible, let me know that too! I am eager to learn and fix my mistakes.

For more about me and how to contact me, see my about page. For more of my stuff, including my multifaith podcast of transgender stories, my TransChristianity timeline, and my disability theology stuff, visit

Latest from the Blog

Reflection for Coming Out Day services: Fighting damaging silence, honoring formative silence

There are cocoonsof silence, soft merciful darkness enveloping you until you are ready to emerge as somethingnew— And there are tombsof silence. Darkness gone awry,a heaviness that presses down your lungs,so that your shouts of “I’m alive!” diebefore they can escape your lips. My shoulders ache with the ghosts of silences too long carried. Mom, Dad, […]

Confession & Pardon: Learning to Face Hard Truths with the Prophet Amos

Call to Confession God sent the prophet Amos to Israelto warn the rich and powerfulthat the natural consequence of their mistreatment of the vulnerable would be destruction for all. In many ways, the modern United States is not unlike that ancient nation — A land of plenty only for the powerful few,while the oppressed go hungry and […]

Call to Worship (drawing from Micah 6:8)

We gather to worshipthe God who calls us to do justice. God, here we are!All glory belongs to you. We gather to worshipthe God who calls us to cherish kindness. God, here we are!From you all good things come. We gather to worshipthe God who calls us to journey humblyside-by-side with Them. God, here we […]

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